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Breaking Into Tech Event Recap

breaking into tech
Breaking Into Tech Event Recap
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Last week our CEO was invited to speak at the Women In Tech Panel discussion “Breaking Into Tech” held in NYC on January 25, 2024. Among other guest speakers were representatives from Meta, TD Bank, KPMG.

It was a candid and informative session regarding ways how to break into the tech space for women, challenges that women may face and ways to overcome them.

Tips to Break Into the Tech Industry

Below are a few key takeaways on how to get into the tech space:

Continuous education

Tech is a very dynamic and evolving space, so staying abreast of the latest trends and tools is an absolute must to keep your relevance and competitive edge.

Ask for what you need

Oftentimes the only reason female professionals are not getting promotions that they want is because they never voice their desire to step up. Speaking up and asking for what you’d like to get is important.

Communication is your tool

Being the connecting link between the tech teams and the business side, ability to speak both languages fluently and willingness to understand and hear out both sides will become your superpower and something every manager will desire to retain.

In-person networking

Getting your dream job requires you to do the work of networking. If possible – best networking is attending in-person events that may benefit you making the connections that might take you closer to your goal.

Lin presence & connections

Lin is heavily used by recruiters so make sure you have a strong presence there. Also, use this tool to reach out to recruiters directly, letting them know you’ve applied for the listing and following-up. Stay respectful.

Find a good mentor

If you are unsure what your next career move should be or how to handle certain situations at work or how to compile your resume, etc … having a mentor who can help you gain clarity and confidence is the best approach.

Go for it! Don’t become your own blocker

Waiting for the right moment simply postpones you reaching your goal. The time will pass anyway, so start the process of achieving your career goals now. And as you push forward step by step, things will start falling into place.

If you meet 60% of the criteria – apply

Don’t be intimidated by lengthy JDs. As long as you meet the Required section or almost meet the required section – apply.

Find your own ballroom dancing story aka you already have skills that are transferable into tech

For many, the main blocker of going into the tech space – is the fear of technology. If you recognize yourself here, great news – you don’t have to know how to code or be exceptionally technical to find a job in tech. Wait but there’s more – the skills you already have are also transferrable into the tech industry. So take stock of what you already know and can and build up from there.

Tech is in every industry, you have options

Technology is literally everywhere nowadays. We use it on daily basis in every industry and every niche. That means you don’t have to compromise your passion for your profession and can pursue both! Find a job in the industry that you love.

If unsure where to go, define where you DON’T want to end up

The flip side of a vast majority of choices and career paths within tech is that you may not be ready to define where exactly you would like to end up. In this case, define where you definitely don’t want to be and what you definitely don’t want to do. It will help you gain more clarity on the paths forward.

First 2-4 weeks at a new job will feel overwhelming and intimidating, no matter how knowledgeable you are

Once you start your new job, you might feel like you are not qualified to do it. That’s totally normal, hang in there, ask all the questions you need and within a few weeks you’ll be navigating your job like a fish in the water.

To sum up, there are many paths and options to get into tech with no experience. Identify which ones are right for you, and if in doubt seek out a good mentor. Continue to educate and up-skill yourself with the right courses and resources and keep reaching for your goals.

Ready to Break Into Tech in 2024?

how to get into tech industry

A career in the tech industry offers a variety of benefits, such as flexibility, networking opportunities, and work-life balance. Moreover, the tech industry provides a platform for being part of a community that values innovation and inclusivity.

If you are considering to get into tech through Project Management or Project Management-related roles, then we encourage you to consider enrolling into our IT PM Program, ran by our CEO. Register for the training now!

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