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IT Creative Labs is one of the Best Women-Owned Businesses in Clutch this 2022

IT Creative Labs is one of the Best Women-Owned Businesses in Clutch this 2022
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The IT Creative Labs team is very happy to announce that we’ve been recently named as one of the best women-owned businesses on Clutch’s platform. We are honored and privileged to receive such an incredible accolade from the industry!

Founded in 2016, our team has been one of the go-to IT consulting and digital agencies in the New York Greater Area. We’ve been working with local and global companies by providing incredible development and solutions for our clients.

It goes without saying, but we are truly proud to be hailed as a leading business on Clutch!  This award signifies our unwavering commitment and dedication to our craft. The development and digital industries are very cutthroat! That’s why we are always looking for more opportunities to grow our business, learn more skills, and gain more experience. This is what it means to be one of the best in the industry!

To officially receive this award, here is our Founder and CEO, Nionila Ivanova:


“We are honored to be ranked in the Global Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses! Getting that kind of recognition in the tech industry is especially encouraging. Thank you, Clutch!”


Of course, we would also like to thank Clutch and their team for making this award possible. It is such an honor to be considered a top women-owned business on your platform. To our clients and partners, this award is dedicated to all of you! Thank you for believing in us and for trusting us with your business.

Let’s take our business to the next level! Reach out to us today.

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