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IT Creative Labs Responds to Covid-19

IT Creative Labs Responds to Covid-19
IT Creative Labs Responds to Covid-19
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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

Therefore IT Creative Labs is launching a Covid-19 Response Program. In a nutshell the Program allows any small business, including individual entrepreneurs, to receive free web design and web development services from our company. The Program is intended to help as many small businesses as possible to get their products and services online without any burden of additional costs and expenses to do so. Another goal of the Program is to get the businesses back up and running in the shortest time span. For that reason we are setting up a special Squad team that will be dedicated to delivering quick, efficient, functional solutions.

It is important to highlight that even though the program is open to any existing or new business in need, IT Creative Labs has limited capacity and will accommodate as many requests as it can handle on the first come first serve basis.

The Program is open to any business impacted by the lockdowns across the globe and is absolutely free. You can apply here.

Stay safe, healthy and keep your spirits up.

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