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Time Management Techniques for Small Business Owners

Time Management Techniques for Small Business Owners
Time Management Techniques for Small Business Owners
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Below is an excerpt from an article authored by our CEO and published on Forbes.

Small business owners often find themselves stretched too thin and struggling to keep up with the rapidly growing demands of their businesses. Below are a few real working strategies on how to streamline your organization’s processes and manage your time effectively.

Be Strategic About Your Corporate App Suite

It is very common to use multiple tools at work for different but complementary purposes. Ultimately, we end up being forced to duplicate pieces of work across several applications. One of the first steps to optimizing your team’s time is to eliminate duplicate effort as much as possible. You can start working toward that goal by choosing the correct set of tools to institute in your organization. With the abundance of options available on the market, it might take a bit of time to select the best solution for your company. However, this time investment will pay off big in the long run. Three important points to keep in mind during the tool’s evaluation process:

  • Be certain about the purpose and compatibility of the application. What purpose will the tool serve? Do you already have a tool that could perform the same functions? Does the tool integrate well with the rest of the applications used in the organization?
  • Be strategic about your selection criteria. Consider applications that can not only comply with your organization’s needs for the time being, but would also be able to scale up and support your growing business needs in terms of capacity, functionality, customizations, integrations, etc.
  • Ensure the app suite you institute is used by everyone across the organization. That will allow you to promote effective online communication and knowledge sharing and increase productivity.

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