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Top 10 Popular Apps Built with Flutter Framework

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Top 10 Popular Apps Built with Flutter Framework
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In today’s rapidly evolving world of mobile app development, developers are constantly searching for efficient and effective solutions to build applications that cater to both iOS and Android platforms. Being a powerful cross-platform framework, Flutter has gained significant popularity in the app development industry for creating stunning and high-performance mobile apps.

Flutter offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that make it a preferred choice for developing excellent applications. The Flutter framework provides efficient cross-platform development, empowers developers to create customizable UI and delivers exceptional native-like performance for smooth and responsive apps.

Now that we’ve explored the powerful features and advantages of Flutter, it’s time to dive into real-world examples of its success. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 10 top-notch Flutter-based applications. These success stories showcase the capabilities of Flutter and demonstrate how this multi-platform framework has enabled developers to create exceptional mobile experiences.

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10 Examples of Popular Apps Built Using Flutter

Let’s explore an impressive collection of 10 top applications that have been developed using Flutter.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising platform used by businesses to promote their products and services. With Flutter’s ability to provide a consistent and visually appealing interface, Google Ads offers advertisers a seamless and efficient way to manage their campaigns.

apps made with flutter

The Google Ads app, powered by Flutter, provides users with a range of valuable features and functionalities, including account management, performance tracking, ad creation and editing and real-time notifications. It’s easy to use and visually appealing, making campaign management a seamless and enjoyable process.

2. Hookle

Hookle is a social media management app that offers users a comprehensive platform to manage and schedule posts across multiple social media networks. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Hookle makes it easy for individuals and businesses to streamline their social media presence.

popular apps built with flutter

The app provides a unified dashboard where users can create, edit, and schedule posts, saving valuable time and effort. Flutter’s capabilities have allowed Hookle to deliver a visually appealing and responsive app that simplifies the process of managing social media accounts and enhances the overall social media management experience.

3. Dream11

Dream11, a popular fantasy sports app, leveraged the power of the Flutter framework to create an immersive and engaging UX. With Flutter’s rich UI toolkit, Dream11 offers users a visually appealing interface to create virtual teams, participate in various sports leagues, and compete with other users.

example apps built with flutter

The app provides real-time updates, live scores, and player statistics, enhancing the thrill of fantasy sports. Flutter’s performance optimization ensures smooth animations, seamless transitions, and fast loading times, allowing users to navigate the app effortlessly. Dream11’s success in the fantasy sports market is attributed in part to Flutter’s ability to deliver a high-quality app with a polished and responsive user interface, offering sports enthusiasts an unparalleled fantasy gaming experience.


The ROMWE app is popular among fashion enthusiasts and online shoppers. ROMWE is an international fashion brand known for its trendy clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products.

app development with flutter

The ROMWE app, built using Flutter, provides users with an enjoyable shopping experience on their mobile devices. The app offers a wide range of stylish products, personalized recommendations, and exclusive deals. With its intuitive navigation, attractive product displays, and secure checkout process, the ROMWE app has garnered a significant user base and positive reviews. It caters to the preferences of fashion-forward individuals and has become a go-to app for those seeking affordable yet fashionable clothing options.

5. PostMuse

PostMuse is a Flutter-built app designed to assist users in creating professional-looking posts for Instagram with greater frequency. By leveraging PostMuse, users can access a variety of creative tools, templates, and features that simplify the process of crafting visually appealing and engaging content for their Instagram feed.

apps created with flutter

The app offers a range of customizable templates, filters, fonts, and graphics. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive editing options, PostMuse empowers individuals and businesses to maintain a consistent and visually captivating presence on Instagram. By utilizing the app’s features, users can save time and effort while still delivering high-quality content to their Instagram audience.

6. Xianyu

Xianyu is a famous online marketplace and second-hand e-commerce platform in China. It is known for providing a platform where individuals can buy and sell a wide range of used goods, including clothing, electronics, furniture, and more.

apps developed with flutter

Xianyu, made with Flutter, offers users a convenient shopping experience. With Flutter’s capabilities, Xianyu ensures smooth navigation, fast loading times, and responsive interactions, enhancing the overall user experience. The app’s popularity can be attributed to its vast selection of products, secure payment options, and the ability for individuals to find great deals on pre-owned items.

Xianyu has become a trusted platform for buying and selling used goods, facilitating a sustainable and cost-effective shopping experience for its users.

7. Sounter

Sounter is an innovative language learning app that combines the power of music with language education. With Sounter, users can learn different languages by immersing themselves in music from various cultures and genres.

famous apps built with flutter

The app utilizes Flutter to create a user-friendly interface that provides language lessons, lyrics, and translations synchronized with the music. Users can follow along with the lyrics, understand their meaning, and learn pronunciation and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Sounter’s unique approach allows users to experience language learning through the universal language of music, making the process more enjoyable and effective.

By leveraging Flutter’s capabilities, Sounter offers an immersive language learning experience, connecting users with the rhythms, melodies, and words of different languages.

8. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is a popular multimedia player app available for various platforms, including Android and iOS. The KMPlayer app, developed using Flutter, offers users a versatile and feature-rich media playback experience. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats, allowing users to play their favorite music and movies seamlessly.

mobile apps built with flutter

With Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities, KMPlayer delivers a consistent and responsive user interface across different devices. The app provides features like subtitle support, playback controls, equalizer settings, and playlist management, giving users complete control over their media playback. KMPlayer’s use of Flutter ensures smooth performance, fast loading times, and a visually appealing interface, enhancing the overall media consumption experience for its users. Whether it’s enjoying music, watching movies, or organizing media libraries, KMPlayer offers a convenient and enjoyable multimedia playback solution.

9. 21 Days Challenge

The 21 Days Challenge app is a powerful tool designed to help users adopt and maintain positive habits by setting and completing challenges over a period of 21 days. Developed using Flutter framework, the app provides a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to select from a wide range of predefined challenges or create custom challenges based on their personal goals. Users can track their progress, receive reminders and notifications, and access motivational resources to stay on track.

popular apps built with flutter

The app’s integration with Flutter ensures a smooth and responsive experience, enabling users to navigate through the app effortlessly. With the 21 Days Challenge app, users can develop new habits, break old patterns, and cultivate a positive lifestyle with the support and structure provided by the app’s features and functionalities.

10. Booking App Developed by IT Creative Labs

top apps built with flutter

This booking app built by IT Creative Labs with Flutter for luxury booking of cars, villas, hotels and yachts all over the world. Whether you’re planning a road trip, a luxurious stay, or an unforgettable yacht experience, this app has got you covered. With just a few taps, you can easily select your desired location, specify the date and time of your trip, and indicate the number of people joining you.

This mobile app provides a user-friendly interface, customized search options, easy and convenient booking, secure payment and reliable customer support.

With this booking app, travel planning becomes a breeze allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories during your travels.

Why Companies Choose Flutter for App Development in 2023?

More and more companies continue to choose Flutter in 2023 for several compelling reasons. These factors collectively make Flutter an appealing framework for companies seeking efficient and visually stunning app development solutions.

Cross-Platform Development

Flutter’s cross-platform nature remains a major draw for companies. With Flutter, developers can write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and even desktop. This approach significantly reduces development time and costs, allowing companies to reach a broader audience with their apps.

Fast Development and Hot Reload

Flutter’s hot reload feature enables developers to make real-time changes to the code and see the results instantly, without restarting the app. This iterative development process boosts productivity and accelerates the development cycle, making it easier to refine and polish the app quickly.

Expressive and Customizable UI

Flutter provides a rich set of pre-designed widgets and allows for extensive customization, enabling companies to create visually appealing and unique user interfaces. The flexibility and ease of UI customization in Flutter empower companies to deliver engaging and brand-consistent app experiences that stand out from the competition.

Native-like Performance

Flutter’s architecture and rendering engine allow apps to achieve native-like performance, resulting in smooth animations, fast loading times, and responsive user interfaces. Companies can provide their users with high-quality app experiences that rival those developed with native technologies.

Backed by Google

Flutter is backed by Google, ensuring ongoing support, updates, and improvements to the framework. Companies can rely on Google’s commitment to the long-term success of Flutter, making it a reliable choice for building robust and future-proof applications.


Flutter has emerged as a powerful framework for mobile app development, offering a range of features and capabilities that contribute to its growing popularity among developers and businesses.

If you’re looking for Flutter development solutions, IT Creative Labs offers a comprehensive range of services to bring your app ideas to life. Our team of skilled developers and designers specialize in Flutter and can assist you in building quality mobile applications tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and leverage the power of Flutter for your app development needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter is used for building high-quality native interfaces for mobile, web, desktop applications and embedded devices using a single codebase. Flutter allows developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It offers a rich set of pre-built UI components, extensive libraries, and tools that help developers create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.

Yes, the popularity of Flutter continues to grow rapidly. It’s a preferred choice for many developers and businesses due to its cross-platform capabilities, fast development cycle, expressive UI, and excellent performance.

You can hire dedicated Flutter developers from IT Creative Labs. We are one of the top Flutter app development companies in the USA specializing in building Flutter apps for various industries to help businesses grow.
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