Role-Based Admin Panel

Admin Panel
for Dating App

To Manage User Accounts and Astrological Content

The Brief

The admin panel operates as a comprehensive and centralized hub, empowering efficient management and precise control over a myriad of facets within the mobile app. This results in an augmentation of its functionality, an upscaling of security measures, and an all-encompassing elevation of the user experience to new heights.

In this case study, we will explore the result of creating an admin panel for a mobile dating app that includes two distinct roles: Admin and Astrologer.

. Problem

  • Admin should be able to:

    • Access user database with filter/sort functionality (age, gender, intention, location, etc).
    • Review users' profiles, block & delete users.
    • Get statistics on users and their activity (messages, registration, etc).
    • See the number of users based on subscription type, track users' engagement & monitor statistics.
    • Track in-app purchases and see by type: read receipts or highlighted profiles ( separate from subscriptions).
  • Astrologer should have limited access and needs to be able to:

    • Add new astrological content.
    • Correct previously published and/or update information prepared in advance for publication.

. Solution

For Admin:
  • User Database Access and Management: To facilitate efficient user data management and streamlines the process of finding specific user profiles, admins are provided with an intuitive dashboard that offers filter and sort functionalities. This allows them to easily access the user database and narrow down results based on parameters such as age, gender, intention, and location.
  • User Profile Review and Management: Admins have the ability to review user profiles within the admin panel. This includes the authority to block or delete user accounts that violate the app's policies.
  • User Activity Statistics: To aid decision-making, admins can access comprehensive statistics on user activity. This includes metrics related to user engagement, such as message counts and registration rates.
  • Subscription Monitoring and In-App Purchases: Admins can observe the distribution of users across different subscription types. This information allows them to understand the popularity of various subscription tiers. Additionally, admins can track in-app purchases, distinguishing between read receipts and highlighted profiles.
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For Astrologer:
  • Astrological Content Management: The astrologer role is equipped with a simplified content management system to effortlessly add new astrological content. This tool allows astrologers to share their insights and expertise directly within the app. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless content uploading experience.
  • Content Correction and Update: Astrologers can easily correct inaccuracies or update previously published content. This ensures that users receive accurate and up-to-date astrological information. By allowing astrologers to manage their content, the app maintains a reliable source of astrological insights.
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. Tech Stack


. Results

In fact, creating an admin panel for a mobile dating app with Admin and Astrologer roles required careful consideration of user requirements and seamless integration of various functionalities. By developing a well-designed, user-friendly admin panel, the dating app now efficiently manages user interactions, astrological content, and ensures a smooth user experience while maintaining the privacy and security of user data.

Such admin panels revolutionize the way user interactions are managed and astrology services are provided. The distinct roles of Admins and Astrologers are empowered with tools that aligned with their responsibilities, resulting in improved operational efficiency and user satisfaction.
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