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The UMA:

Android and iOS / React Native / Restaurant Industry

The Brief

In a world where dietary restrictions and concerns about allergens often cast a shadow over the joy of dining out, mobile application called Universal Meal Assistant (the UMA App, available on iOS & Android) emerges as the guiding light. This innovative mobile app seamlessly connects customers to an extensive network of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and food trucks spanning the globe. The UMA App is designed to revolutionize people's eating experience, with the ultimate goal of enabling users to seamlessly navigate the complexities of food allergens found in various foods. This empowerment translates into a safe culinary journey where every dining experience becomes a fortress of safety and well-being.
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. Problem

  • Customers don't know what they eat (allergies, dietary restrictions, calories), can't track what they eat (information storage), can't understand what to order (language barrier) and don’t know when special promotions become available.
  • Restaurants don’t know who their customers are and how to deliver new offers and promotions, have high transactional fees when integrating with 3rd party services and need to keep multilingual staff.

. Solution

For Customers:
  • Allows to easily search for restaurants & dishes based on allergy, ingredients & nutritions preferences.
  • Gives an opportunity to study the nutritional value of dishes.
  • Facilitates the translation of the menu into the desired language.
  • Provides dining recommendations.
For Restaurants:
  • Receive anonymous customer data.
  • Analyze customer data and ultimately serve their clients better.
  • Develop and grow loyal clientele.
  • Get discovered and communicate directly with the client (in-app messages, push notifications).
  • Benefit from cost savings - UMA doesn’t take transaction fees.
  • Get recommendations for the restaurants in terms of the menu items to serve.

. Tech Stack

Postgres SQL
React Native

. Results

At its core, the UMA App represents an innovative leap forward in the realm of dining, offering a multifaceted solution that transcends mere convenience. Beyond its revolutionary approach to allergen detection, this mobile application transcends language barriers and opens doors to a seamless culinary experience.

The app's advanced technology can swiftly identify potential allergens present in a meal, thereby safeguarding users' health and granting them peace of mind as they savor each bite. But that's not all. The UMA App goes beyond its role as a mere allergen guardian. It serves as users' virtual food journal, allowing them to meticulously track their dietary intake.

Language barriers should never stand in the way of enjoying global cuisines. UMA elegantly addresses this challenge by incorporating a seamless translation feature - UMA Scan. Menu items, ingredient lists, and dietary information can be instantly translated into the desired language. And this empowers users to navigate menus effortlessly, even in foreign locales, ensuring that they are always in control of the dining choices.

What does the UMA App strive for? It's simple - a global inclusive application to be used:

  • In restaurants to dine in and take out anywhere in the world
  • To track calories holistically (using integrations with calorie trackers)
  • To keep food journals

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, the UMA App promises to revolutionize the way people approach their eating habits, no matter where they are in the world.

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