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The Brief

Bespoke Search Group, a distinguished player in the executive search and recruitment sector, had established its reputation for personalized services and exceptional talent acquisition. Despite its reputable standing, the company's online identity was outdated and incongruent with its modern approach. The existing website's design, branding, and user experience were misaligned, impeding Bespoke Search Group's ability to attract top-tier clients and candidates in a competitive market. This is why IT Creative Labs was reached out to, seeking top-notch service in the realm of website creation and updates.
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. Problem

  • Outdated Branding: The website's branding was inconsistent with the company's innovative and contemporary image, leading to a disparity between its online and offline reputation.
  • User Experience Disconnect: The user experience on the website was convoluted, causing visitors to struggle with navigation and information retrieval. This hindered the site's ability to effectively communicate the company's services and unique value proposition.
  • Content Underutilization: The website's content was not effectively showcasing the company's expertise, client success stories, and services, leading to missed opportunities for engagement.
  • Lead Generation Inefficiency: The lack of strategically placed lead generation mechanisms on the website prevented the seamless capture of potential client and candidate inquiries.

. Solution

Discovery and Strategy:
  • Through thorough discussions and analysis, we gained an in-depth understanding of Bespoke Search Group's core values, target audience, and industry trends. This insight formed the foundation for the rebranding strategy.
User-Centric Design:
  • The website's design was completely revamped to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience. We employed a clean and minimalist design approach, focusing on clear navigation, well-organized content, and strategic placement of calls-to-action.
Responsive Web Development:
  • Our development team ensured the website was fully responsive and optimized for various devices and screen sizes, enabling users to access the site seamlessly from desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
Compelling Content Creation:
  • We collaborated closely with Bespoke Search Group's team to create compelling content that highlighted the company's expertise, services, and success stories. This content was strategically positioned to engage visitors and establish the firm's authority in the industry.
Lead Generation Integration:
  • Strategically placed lead generation forms and contact information were incorporated throughout the website, making it easier for potential clients and candidates to connect with Bespoke Search Group.

. Tech Stack

Slider Revolution

. Results

The website rebranding initiative led to a significant transformation for Bespoke Search Group, delivering a range of positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The revamped design and user-centric interface translated into longer average visit durations and a noticeable reduction in bounce rates. Visitors found it easier to navigate the website, resulting in improved engagement across various pages.
  • Increased Content Interaction: The strategically positioned and thoughtfully crafted content captivated visitors' attention, driving higher click-through rates on key pages. This translated to a more informed audience regarding Bespoke Search Group's range of services and success stories.
  • Mobile Traffic Surge: The adoption of a fully responsive design prompted a remarkable uptick in mobile traffic. The website's improved mobile compatibility ensured a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets, broadening its reach.
  • Amplified Lead Generation: The integration of strategically placed lead generation forms and contact details facilitated streamlined communication with potential clients and candidates. This resulted in a discernible increase in inquiries, propelling the company's lead generation efforts.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Bespoke Search Group and IT Creative labs culminated in the successful rebranding of the company's website. This transformation not only aligned the online presence with the company's core values but also yielded tangible improvements in user engagement, content interaction, mobile traffic, and lead generation. The initiative positioned Bespoke Search Group as a prominent player in the executive search and recruitment sector, capable of delivering modern solutions and personalized services in a competitive market landscape.
bespoke site case
Matt Santoli
Owner, Bespoke Search Group
"IT Creative Labs successfully met all expectations by delivering high-quality work on time. Their communication through email and messaging apps ensured an effective workflow, and their customer service and accommodating approach were highly commendable."
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