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muCommander for Mac OS X

muCommander for Mac OS X
muCommander for Mac OS X

Mac OS has long lacked a robust file manager and unfortunately continues to do so, sigh. Nonetheless there exists muCommander, which fills the void. A cross-platform file manager written in Java is a great tool. Free download of muCommander v. 0.9.1 (year 2016) is available from our site.

Note: You need to have java installed in order for muCommander to work. In case you don’t have it already, we recommend using homebrew or the official java installer for Mac OS. Tips and instructions are available via Google search or this link.

Unfortunately the official muCommander site hasn’t been updated for years and while anyone can download and compile the app from source files, available on github, it may not be as easy and straightforward even for tech savy users. Since our team uses muCommander for daily operations and a member of our team occasionally contributes to the code he decided to compile a stable and working solution for all of us to use. We decided to share it with everybody else. Enjoy!

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