How is IT Creative Labs Different From Other Vendors

It is true, we are one of the many IT consulting firms out there, offering a suite of services that are not unique to the industry, such as custom software development for web and mobile applications; digital marketing services in the realm of email marketing, marketing automation, marketing cloud solutions and data management; recruiting for the IT sector.

So what makes us unique? WE CARE, WE DRIVE, WE DELIVER. 

We like to tell our new and prospective clients that what really makes IT Creative Labs stand out is that we have a human-first approach. That means we don’t have resources – we have people and teams, and each client is not just another project but a long-term relationship.

IT Creative Labs was founded on the human-first principal. That is exactly why every long-term contract employee at our small firm gets up to 10 days of paid time off per year. Every.Single.One. How many companies do you know who offer their consultants paid time off? How many of those are small businesses?

We are also very keen on diversity and inclusion. And for us those are not just fancy buzz words. Being a technology company we are aware of the gender gap and IT Creative Labs is making its own contribution to narrow that gap. Our current team ratio is 50% women, 50% men and includes talented human beings from all walks of life and parts of the world. Not bad for a trivial IT consulting firm, right? As far as we are concerned this is just the beginning. Our CEO is committed to continue to improve the well-being of her employees and continue to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

So that’s a sneak peak into what kind of vendor IT Creative Labs is beyond all the technical expertise and certifications.

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