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A couple weeks ago I, amongst a few other executives and founders, was invited to attend a Forbes Executive Luncheon. There were a few companies representing technology services, a couple digital marketing and influencer marketing agencies, a few businesses working in real estate and even a private jet services company. Overall a great mix of industries and minds. There were a few topics put forth for the discussion. However most of the questions were targeting us as professionals in our fields rather than targeting us as professionals representing our companies. And i must admit at times it was rather challenging to separate the two concepts.

As a business owner, founder, CEO and jack of all trades i am fully emerged in my business, so much so that positioning myself as a leader and professional in the industry outside my company is not something i have given much thought. Not until the luncheon at least. Working on a personal professional brand is definitely important and should not be disregarded. I am guilty of that, giving 100% of my attention to building the brand of my business and in the process, leaving my own branding behind. So I have decided to take action in that regard. I will be writing more about technology. In the near future I will be sharing insights on choosing the best e-commerce solutions available on the market, talk about integration solutions and the client 360 options and share other useful tips and advice related to the services IT Creative Labs offers, which are: software development, digital marketing and staffing.

Another observation that I would like to share is around some of the issues businesses face. Interestingly enough, as different as our industries are, the issues we have to deal with are exactly the same. One of the major challenges discussed was around hiring the right people. Needless to say it is a very broad and multi-dimensional subject. During the limited time that was allocated for the discussion, we agreed that an overall more human approach to recruiting needs to take place. Among other recommendations that surfaced were: coming-up with creative questions to see how the candidates handle unexpected situations and making hiring as well as letting go decisions quickly. Staffing is part of the suite of services that IT Creative Labs offers, so certainly I will be sharing more insights and recommendations on the subject in a separate blog post. The post will be based on our expertise along with professional insights from some of the leaders in the industry of technology services and staffing.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from the Forbes Executive Luncheon.

Forbes IT Creative Labs
Forbes IT Creative Labs

Forbes IT Creative Labs

Time Management Techniques for Small Business Owners

Below is an excerpt from an article authored by our CEO and published on Forbes.

Small business owners often find themselves stretched too thin and struggling to keep up with the rapidly growing demands of their businesses. Below are a few real working strategies on how to streamline your organization’s processes and manage your time effectively.

Be Strategic About Your Corporate App Suite

It is very common to use multiple tools at work for different but complementary purposes. Ultimately, we end up being forced to duplicate pieces of work across several applications. One of the first steps to optimizing your team’s time is to eliminate duplicate effort as much as possible. You can start working toward that goal by choosing the correct set of tools to institute in your organization. With the abundance of options available on the market, it might take a bit of time to select the best solution for your company. However, this time investment will pay off big in the long run. Three important points to keep in mind during the tool’s evaluation process:

  • Be certain about the purpose and compatibility of the application. What purpose will the tool serve? Do you already have a tool that could perform the same functions? Does the tool integrate well with the rest of the applications used in the organization?
  • Be strategic about your selection criteria. Consider applications that can not only comply with your organization’s needs for the time being, but would also be able to scale up and support your growing business needs in terms of capacity, functionality, customizations, integrations, etc.
  • Ensure the app suite you institute is used by everyone across the organization. That will allow you to promote effective online communication and knowledge sharing and increase productivity.

Continue to Forbes to read the whole piece.

Official Member of Forbes NY Business Council

We are proud to announce that IT Creative Labs is an official member of Forbes New York Business Council.

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NY Email Marketing

A lot has been going on at ITCL and this post I would like to make a little different. It will still be industry focused (because we live and breathe technology and innovation) but it will be more personal. In the time when most of it can be done by an AI assistant it feels right to take a moment and jot a few words myself. 

A couple years back we had the honor to be represented at Forbes Under 30 conference as well as at NY Tech Week. More detailed posts on each to follow. This year we have big plans for our small company. In addition to our consulting and software development services (web, mobile) we are expanding our email marketing services, which will be consumed by digital marketing services. We have been working hard on establishing this line of business last year and are thrilled to finally “get it off the ground”.  Please welcome NY Email Marketing, your go-to digital agency for all things email marketing and what I like to call a digital marketing hub. It also means that we are hiring to expand our strong team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified professionals and experts in other digital marketing platforms, such as IBM Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and others. Because Digital Marketing is such a buzz word and because there is a plethora of marketing cloud platforms out there and because it is very easy to get confused which platform would work best for your business and because we would like to share our expertise with those in need, we are preparing a very cool case study on the subject. We will review top 10 digital marketing platforms and rate their features to give you a good grip on the current offerings and to empower you to make informed strategic decisions on which digital marketing solution would be the best option for your business.

Excited to congratulate the team on the launch of a new email marketing hub!

Digital marketing solutions provider.

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